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An Epic Start!

Hey there! If you’ve made it this far and are reading this, congratulations, you’ve found the story of our beginnings and all the blah blah blah to get to know us a little bit more.

To understand how The Brunch Box came to be, let’s rewind to the early days of 2020: a world confined by the pandemic, everyone at home with 98% progress completed on Netflix, and you pondering what to do with your life or if working remotely until 65 would be feasible. In those times of confinement within four walls, ideas were born, and there was an abundance of time to dream them.

Here we present Chris and Roxie, a small family with a very big dream‚ÄĒto create a space for authentic American breakfasts, real food, cooked with love. Chris, who had spent 13 years working in an office, and Roxie, who left behind over a decade in the hospitality industry, felt the creative spark to bring The Brunch Box to life.

sobre nosotros
August 2020
The Kitchen Odyssey has arrived.

Chris, with his Northern English hospitality, took care of welcoming customers, while Roxie dived into the kitchen. As we grew, we realized we needed real help. So, we expanded our team with actual ‘chefs,’ who soon became part of our family.

Plate decoration wasn’t our priority: here, extravagant embellishments are the smiles of our customers ūüėŹ. We focused on delicious food that ‘transcended’ mobile screens on Instagram. Some dishes left, others arrived, and the Chicken & Waffles became our flagship dish.

Locally Famous
Ingenious Progress:

After successfully navigating the challenges of the pandemic, we decided to take a bold turn and relocate our concept. It was there that we met wonderful people and formed an even better team. We wanted a place with a service so familiar that it made you feel like you were at a family gathering, not in a restaurant.

Thanks to our perseverance and our incredible team, we managed to capture the essence of The Brunch Box. Finally,we achieved our goal: to make you and your friends feel at home, or at least, like at the home of that aunt who always spoils you.

That to today, you continue to enjoy every bite and sip with the utmost intensity, even if our dishes aren’t the most Instagrammable in the world, means the world to us. If our dishes make your mouth water, see you soon!

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